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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Minister’s Aide Calls FG dictator, Alleges Boss of Poor performance

Earlier yesterday, news broke out on Social Media, that Ms. Titilope Anifowoshe, Special Adviser to the Honourable Minister of State for Transport and a Young Assiduous Member of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kwara, has Left the Party.

If you could recall; sometime last year, shortly after the #EndSARS Protest, she granted an exclusive Interview to INTEL News Titled: “WHY I DON’T WANT TO BE A CAREER POLITICIAN”. 

In that interview, she revealed her participation in the Protest; in quest for Good Governance, Socio-Political reforms and Justice in our Society. She also revealed that events, especially the manner in which the government handled the protest had made her to resign as an information officer with the APC, as she cannot be a part of the same government that persecutes its people with no solutions to the socio-political agitations of the people.

Anifowoshe while granting another interview yesterday confirmed her exit from the ruling party, she poured out her mind on why she finally left the party, and her next step going forward.


Que: Earlier today, News broke out on social media that you have left the All Progressives Congress (APC), is that True?

Ans: Yes

Que: Why did you leave?

Ans: “I left because I no longer believe that the APC is the vehicle that can take Nigerians through the path of Prosperity. I no longer believe that the APC is the voice of the people and the hope of the common man. So I decided not to be part of any of such. I decided to opt out and be on my own”.

Que: There are insinuations that you may have decided to join another political party, hence why you left the APC. Can you confirm that?

Ans: No. There is nothing of such for now.

Que: Do you feel any remorse, having finally left the party, after all these years that you have grown with the party since its inception?. Were you threatened or intimidated to leave the Party?

Ans: My name is Titilope Anifowoshe, and my Muslim name is Tawakkaltu . I’m a child of courage. Nobody threatened, pressured or intimidated me to leave the party. For me, whatever I do, it has to be something am genuinely passionate about, sincerity of purpose is my watch word. So if I no longer believe in something, a person or a cause, then, there is no way I will still be there one leg in, and one leg out. Its either am in 100% or am out 100%. People are dying every day, getting killed every day and getting poorer every day. People are suffering and impoverished and the APC is doing nothing about it, so why should i still be in the Party?.

Que: Could the party crisis at the state level in Kwara, be the reason why you left?

Ans: No. whatever is happening in Kwara APC is just a clash of interest and ego. It’s a fight of big elephants, and I don’t have any business with that. For me, the reality is stark, its everywhere. APC National, State and Local Level are not delivering their promised mandate. Its not just about Kwara, its everywhere. The party is a failure.

Que: I can recall that shortly after the #EndSARS Protest, you resigned as an Information Officer with the APC, could that have been when you began planning to leave the Party?

Ans: “The EndSARS Protest was actually the last Straw that broke the Camel’s back. Young people genuinely went to the streets to protest what they suffer every day, and then somehow, some people felt they were sponsored by politicians and then some innocent protesters were gunned down, and up-till this moment the government is still denying it. Yes the #EndSARS protest was one of the biggest factors that said to my face “Titilope, you should be ashamed of yourself that you are part of these dictators” .

Que: What do you have to say about your boss hearing that you have left the APC?

Ans: Well, I did not know that the simple whatsapp status that I made regarding my decision to leave the APC, will ignite a political scandal in this manner like a wildfire. My sincere apologies to the Hon. Minister of State for Transport, Senator Gbemi Sarki, who has been a mother and mentor to me, for whatever inconveniences I may have caused her, as a result of my decision to leave the party.

Que: So having left the party, whats your next move?

Ans: Its all about focusing on my personal development, social impact, growth!, growth!, and growth! by the grace of God.

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