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Thursday, January 14, 2021

KWARA 2023: APC Ward Secretaries Drums support for Governor AbdulRazaq

Kwara Central APC Ward Secretaries has drummed support for the Kwara State Governor, Mallam AbdulRahman  AbdulRazaq for transforming Kwara.

Mr. Busari Abdullateef  O. said the governor has done copiously well in the assignment to him by the Kwara people as he keeps setting the pace for other governors and leaders to follow. He beckoned on all Kwarans Nigerians to keep backing the governor with prayers of long life and protection.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is a reflection of God’s impeccable character, as a human servant, He is transforming lives, through quality leadership and governance in Kwara State, he is more useful in the Nation Building beyond being a governor in Kwara State because the future holds something more greater for Nigerians as his quality of leadership has  impacted positively on the citizens in general. We pray to God to continue to guide him right, and make him triumph over all his detractors.” said, S.S. Olayinka⁩ 

"Abdul Razzaq's performance is what the dump-delfs can see and the blinds are feeling; one good turn deserves another. While assuring the governor of our unalloyed support, we would like to appreciate him for making us proud of our votes and keeping to his campaign promises in the last general elections." - Ismail Sheu Bolanta

Mr. ABUBAKAR Luqman S. said they are confident that the governor is a man of his word for delivering on his campaign promises, calling on them to continue to support the governor in his efforts to transform the state to a viable one where businesses will thrive. He also urged them not to fall for the gimmicks of the oppositions in the state and elsewhere, who are hell-bent on soiling the reputation of the governor for their parochial interests 

In transforming Kwara, Mallam AbdulRahman has;
* constructed a lot of new roads, 
* reconstruction of old ones, 
* attended to social services,  
* distribution of palliatives to the poor and vulnerable, 
* quality and affordable healthcare, 
* economy expansion, 
* prudent management of state funds, 
* quick financial intervention for business owners as a result of effects of #EndSARS, 
* youth inclusiveness, 
* UBEC funds, 
* Teacher's promotion, 
* inclusion of minimum wage in the 2021 budgets,
* increased reputational rating, 
* the Initiative of traders' money(owo Isowo), 
* the Initiative of monthly stipends for the old ones(owo arugbo), 
* creation of enabling environment, 
* the attraction of Investment, 
* mass recruitments in view, 
* mass relocation of people and businesses to Kwara State due to the business-friendly atmosphere and lots more.” Ibrahim Kale Jimoh said.

Mr. Sharafadeen Onituwo encourages all Kwarans, home and abroad and friends of the governor to keep rallying round him with prayers and physical support at all time while assuring the governor that the group will not fail in its development advocacy assignment and will not stop working with the governor in the interests of the masses.

However, the group said their outing is unusual as they challenged any party STAKEHOLDERS who have met with the group before. This is our first meeting with any of the party STAKEHOLDERS, and the necessity that surrounded the Kwara political environment has called for that. No big family without internal challenges, there should be a kind of appropriate way to approach that. We will no longer tolerate bringing down our hard earned and workaholic governor, in the same vein the door is opened for reconciliation 

Hon. Lateef Oloyin in his remarks, appreciated the group's unwavering support for the governor in the Interest of Kwarans and assured them of the maximum cooperation of the government of the day in the interest of Kwara State.

Lastly, the group urged all Kwarans to troop out for the APC membership registration exercise coming up soon.

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