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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Gov AbdulRazaq is God-sent to the people of Kwara

By: Comr Esinrogunjo Musbau

Since the return of democracy in 1999 till date, we have had successive administration who contributed in one way or the other towards the growth and development of our people in particular and the state as a whole. But the truth of the matter is that the present administration of His Excellency, Gov Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is the most people-friendly administration in the history of the State. 

There's no gain saying the fact that the People's Governor of Kwara State is doing everything humanly possible to deliver dividends of democracy in all sphere of human endeavours. He has been touching lives of the people of Kwara State without making noise about it. He has brought governance closer to the people because he's humility-personified. He's working day and night to change the narratives educationally, economically and otherwise. The hitherto battered economy of the recent past is gradually taking shape. The systemic rot in the citadel of learning is now getting positive attention. The frequent instability amongst the youths is now a thing of the past. The youths and women that use to be the most marginalized now have a place in the administration. 

Significantly too, our health institutions are now working. Our values are now cherished optimally. The vulnerable, the poorest of the poor, the less privileged, the widows, the orphans, the aged and the have-nots are now smiling. The artisans are not left behind in the empowerment drive of our amiable governor. 

Your Excellency Sir, always count on us for continuous prayers and support. I know you have more and more laudable policies and programs that is aimed at bettering the lots of the people of Kwara State. You will EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS In Shaa Allah. 

We pray to ALLAH SWT to continue to protect our Governor and give him the wisdom to deliver more and more dividends of democracy to the populace. 

Your Excellency Sir, posterity will lay ambush on me if I fail to make a passionate appeal to your high esteem personality to kindly open negotiations to bring all Party stalwarts and progressive stakeholders together to drive Kwara State to the next level. I know you to be a leader with a very large heart. I know you to be a father that is always ready to accommodate all. I know you to be a Peace Ambassador. You have demonstrated this unique attributes at different fora. Please do everything humanly possible to bring everyone together for the betterment of our Party in particular and the state in general.

Lastly, I want to also appeal to all our leaders going to radio for anti Government programs to please stop, this is not only denting our image alone, it is sending a wrong signal to the people of kwara state. They believe in us that is why they voted us in, It tooks us so many years to be where we are today but we should not allow our personal issues to dent the image of our great party Apc as we all know that two wrong can never make a right.  Let settle all our grievances in house and not on the radio please. May Almighty Allah continue to bless us all and take kwara state to the state of our dream.

One with God is majority dazzol.

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