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Friday, December 11, 2020

Meet Olajide Fashina, A Real Estate Magnate, Philanthropist Of Note in Ogun State

Mr Fashina Olajide hail from Ibogun, to the late family of Fashina in Ogun State, he is a real estate magnate  and philanthropist of note, a life coach who always love mentoring the youths by guiding them in their various fields of endeavor

What is your background like ?

I am an hardworking person who never grew up under my parents but my grandmother and to study has been so difficult for me, I had to take education as a viral tool in getting successful since I wasn't brought up with a silver spoon.

I proceeded to the east to study Survey and Geo-informatics at Enugu State University where i had most of my lifestyle including my business, meeting lots of friends who really motivated me on the thrive to be somebody in life.

What is your belief about making successful life ?

I am someone who doesn't wait for things to happen but always want to be part of peoples that makes things happen in life, I had once looked up to whom to be mentioning during my university years but I couldn't see any due to the way some of our lecturers dress and ways of life.

What is your belief in Mentoring?

My curiosity in mentoring has really made me thrive hard to the peak of my career, someone like Surveyor Dayo popularly known has Uncle Dee has really made me get exposure through his wealth of experience in life, he spent heavily in making youths and someone like me get more meaningful life through mentoring.

How did you started making it big after your graduation in the institution?

At that time AutoCAD was the new thing in Nigeria a way of plotting survey on internet with ease, Mr Dayo gave me opportunity to study all the necessary area of the AutoCAD which made me a guru among the rest in Nigeria. 

What makes you dive into real estate business and what a view ?

My curiosity has always made me think on how to make a sustainable business which will always get more profits with consistency, money is different from satisfaction, satisfaction is the most important thing a human being can get to give him joy.. The business you invest in will definitely determine the profit you earn, I invested in estate agency because I believe in the dream. 

My eagerness in being the talk of the town made me change my association with people, that was when I meet elites in town and learn lots of things through my sacrifices and change of thoughts, I have read so many businesses book and it really works for me.

Since when has O.G.I.C been in existence?

OGIC estate is an extension of Ola Geospartial Investment Company , it will be 2 years according to registration, the company has been in existence for so long through its rendered services in the time past mostly in the eastern part of Nigeria, we just extended it with entertainment, construction, foundation (giving back to the society) and others to make it more elaborate.

What is the problem of the youths, mostly in Nigeria ?

I believe problem of the youths mostly is lack of mentorship, so I thought it expedient to give back to the society in giving quality education, orientation to most less privileges to liberate them on proper ways or living a life to suit the society.

When the youths get a mentor who they look up to, who is ready to invest in them heavily then they will have a change of decision instead of engagement in all forms of social vices in the society

What is the Plan of O.G.I.C to the people during December Period ?

The company, OGIC is giving opportunity to the people through mortgage funds for at least 10 beneficiaries out of 100 participants where they pay pack in 5 years and become a landlord with ease.

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