Monday, December 28, 2020


Without a shred of doubt, Asiwaju  [Senator] Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s persona is derived from the sterner stuff of life, the compulsive need to weave enduring strands or legacies that would out-live one and the desire to be a change agent in the discharge of the social contract. 

A man of great patience and tolerance, his scruples border on the fundamental assumption that life is a selfless service in which there is more to gain in giving of one’s time, energy and resources than in being a docile recipient of its offerings.

To every objective, sound, unbiased, intellectually and politically informed minds, it would be perfectly right to say age can never be a barrier to any position in politics, neither can it be a barrier to good governance or performance; it is definitely about issues, policies and values that an individual brings on board that matters. Infact an experienced man is a resourceful man.

Meanwhile for the purpose of clarity, Asiwaju is not perturbed by the unhealthy activities of the fifth columnists and other paid hatchet men who have chosen not to give credit to his success stories, various score cards and quality representation at the National Assembly when he was a Senator or when he was a two-term Governor of Lagos State and up to this present moment.

Unfortunately some people are already raising the issue of age in politics, this is not only laughable but it gives credence to how they reason misguidedly from their infantile minds. 

Still about age in politics, Tunisia voted for 88-year old Beji Caid Essebsi, this is a veteran politician and a no-nonsense personality. Is Essebsi the only perfect example across the world? In the United States, Ronald Reegan was voted as President at the age of 69, three years short of President Buhari’s 73 (as at 2015). Whilst in 2016 Donald Trump who was 70 years during that election year succeeded Obama in a hotly contested presidential poll with a major contender, Hilary Clinton, who was almost a Septuagenarian at that time.

That being said, I still found it hilarious to listen and read from some people who are ignorantly displaying stupidity without shame to share some putrid views on public fora, as they are now raising the issue of paper qualifications in politics. Education is good no doubt and thankfully our Asiwaju is eminently qualified academically and by every standard, but for some writers to condescend so low and bring this to the fore is not just laughable but ridiculous and bereft of common sense.

Its so unfortunate that in this clime we so much dwell more than necessary on state of origin of persons and their certificates instead of concentrating on call to serve, patriotism, and the charisma  of an individual and his track records of excellence.

Without being blasphemous, Jesus Christ himself was born in Amalekite but today his short 33 years of meritorious accomplishments for humanity continue to trend than many who lived far beyond 100 years on this earth. Murtala Mohammed ruled for just 6 months, his sterling records of achievements remain stronger than some who even ruled Nigeria for 8 years.

It is no surprise however, that now that Asiwaju is being push forward for 2023 Presidency, people would want to dig his past without putting into account his experience and those sacrifices he had made when he held sway in both private and public sectors and the records are there which can never be controverted. Without contradiction, I have bad news for every such characters who doesn't wish Asiwaju well politically, for they have failed woefully even before the conception of any of their vicious, wicked, mindless and profitless mission, even as the coast to victory for Tinubu keeps gathering momentum everyday.

The South-West is ready to take over. We have human and material resources. The political leaders must go on consultations to make this dream a reality and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a political colossus must lead this block, judging from his political bravery, strategy, competence and success.

Philosopher Socrates once said – “Under the guidance of a strong general, there will never be weak soldiers”. For me and several other disciples of Asiwaju and lovers of democracy in Nigeria, we reiterate unequivocally that Asiwaju [Senator] Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains that strong and amiable leader who made us capable subordinates. And he is an example of determination and courage for everyone and truly deserves the mantle of leadership to be the President of Nigeria come 2023 by the grace of God.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde is a critical stakeholder of "South West Agenda" and former member of House of Representatives in the 7th Assembly.

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