Wednesday, October 7, 2020


It is the height of irresponsibility and recklessness to read that Governor Dapo Abiodun paid host to the winner of BBNaija2020 and even went as far as splashing taxpayers money on him based on the fact that he emerged winner of the recently concluded BBNaija.

According to the press statement signed by Comr. Bamgbose Tomiwa
Chairman NANS OGUN STATE, As an association, we cannot imagine how a State Governor during this post-Covid19 era spend #5m cash, a 3-bedroom bungalow on a frivolous assignment such as Youth Ambassador. Isn't this some sort of *duplication* which we have been complaining of? Isn't it correct to ask the Governor the essence of the office of SA Youths? Isn't it correct to ask the Governor what informed the appointment? Isn't it correct to ask the Governor the job description?

We cannot Fold our hands and watch The Governor Squander taxpayers money on an individual basically for winning Big Brother Naija when there are many things expected of this same government to do to boost the economy and Improve the Standard of Living of his Electorates during this period of economic recession Which will have more impact on the people, most especially when the Poor Man the streets is clamouring for palliatives, When Undergraduates are Clamouring for Waiver of House Rent, When some of Our Students are Seeking for Loans to pay School fees, when Many Parents have Lost their Job, when Many Small Scale Business Entrepreneurs have Suffered Loss as A result of Increase on Price of Goods and Services.

Few Months ago, a team of Students from the Prestigious Tai Solarin University Of Education under The Umbrella of ENACTUS, won a global competition that had 128 teams from about 120 countries as participants. This Contest  wasn't an immoral contest, but a competition based on ideas and intellect. They won it on a global standard. Unfortunately, these Achievement did not draw   the attention of any Government Official, our Local Television station, OGTV not to mention any national daily.

    No top government official Appreciated or Encouraged this Effort Neither were They recognized by the state government. 

     To the Entire Students of the Gateway state,it is a slap on our face that a BBNaija winner is appreciated by the state government above our global pride, this is a state where the likes of Onabanjo and Awolowo, Prof. Woke Soyinka and others hailed from. If you can't identify with our sane achievements, we will fight for our standard place in the government. 

"We condemn this Act totality, the appointment and the lavish spending which was exhibited by the Governor yesterday. The gesture which was extended to the winner of BBNaija signal waste and misplacement of priorities most especially when it is coming from a Governor who has never for once deem it fit to extend such gesture to best graduating students in Ogun State most especially the TASUED student who won $20,000 grants few weeks back."

"If we are to break it down conservatively, a 3-bedroom apartment will cost #25m. If such money had been judiciously used as expected of a responsible government, it would have refurbished at least 2 primary health centres in the State. But, the Governor decided to throw close to #30m into the drain all in the name of a frivolous appointment such as Youth Ambassador in a State where there is an existing Youth Ambassador which is the SA Youths/Commissioner of Youths."

It is based on the Aforementioned issue that  we demand that the Governor *rescind* his action as a matter of urgency,We also demand that the Governor work towards providing palliative for students across the State, and Work towards Fulfilling all Promises made to our students During his Campaign,  Anything in the contrary shall be met with stiff resistance.

Dare to struggle.
Dare to win...

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