Olaposi Ogini remain chairman of National Interest Party NIP not a member- Labour Party Arabambi Insists - NATIONAL TRUMPET


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Olaposi Ogini remain chairman of National Interest Party NIP not a member- Labour Party Arabambi Insists

Labour Party has distanced self from the flouted party by the embattled Chairman of League of registered political parties in Ogun State, Comrade Olaposi Oginni in Abeokuta.

According to the press statement signed by Comrade Abayomi Arabambi,  Chairman Labour party in Ogun state reads below;


My attention was drawn to a purported criminally inclined , grossly incompetent and  maliciously fabricated falsehood from a serial and perpetual treacherous political dead brain in person of Mr Olaposi Oginni claims of dumping LP for his new almajari political party platform's .  

I elect to state as follows in response to his arrant  balderdash postulated in the said publication

 That ,Olaposi Oginni has since been expelled from the Ogun State Labour Party. He lacks regulator and suffering from a moral deadness that is dimly imaginable.

A brief statement on the political porting of Oginni in the space of less than 3 years is enough to show the level of his lack of integrity as a person in politics. Olaposi Oginni who now double as the state Chairman of National Interest Party / New Nigeria Peoples Party was expelled about 2years back from Ogun State Labour Party as a disloyal and dishonest State Secretary .

 He joined APC through the Chief AYO OLUBORI  , a confirmed political mercenaries in  Ogun APC who  engaged him in an  attempt to undermine the then ongoing litigation instituted by Ogun LP  against Ogun APC / INEC / Dapo Abiodun knowing fully well of course he was scamming the APC because he couldn't as an expelled and deregistered member of LP deliver what he falsely promised APC to deliver .

 His attempt to muscle into the case came up unsuccessful and a monumental failure. Because , he had collected a huge amount of cheap money from APC , he lost face and ported to ADC   thinking he can scam  GNI. 

The romance again got to a boiling point when ADC discovered his perpetually treacherous act,  such that it was not lucrative for Oginni , that he opted to go into the Lado camp of PDP where he was made the PRO .

From inside Lado camp of PDP Ogun State , his man and Boss went ahead to purchase the seat of Ogun State Chairman of National  Interest Party (NIP) for Oginni with a view to use same as a standby platform to further his 2023  ambition

Again , at this very moment , Lado has once again bought another seat of State Chairman for Oginni in New Nigeria Peoples Party without formally resigning from the National Interest Party(NIP)  on the platform of which he claimed to convey the illegal League of Association of Registered Political Parties in Ogun State also sponsored by the same LADO

Unfortunately for Olaposi Oginni he couldn't tell the press the truth about the graph of his political migration in so very short a period whilst still holding the chairmanship of  National Interest Party (NIP)  lied that he was annexing  the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) from the Labour Party.

 Without mincing words , today , the man Olaposi Oginni is the most visible unscrupulous foreign politician base in Ogun State.

Yes , every quality of Olaposi Oginni are all lethal. He has developed a vivid gift of profane for treachery. But the accretion of betrayal has its very poisonous quality. It is certain that the curfew of his numerous atrocious political activities is gradually catching up on him.

 In Oginni's choice of mind created world , rules are unwritten . With Oginni , being ethical is strange . Oginni thrives wherever truth, trust and morality are rationed . He at all times senses his political injuries but can't see them and these injuries are festering and will never heal.

Oginni has a cash and carry , purchasable  political fellow answering to the name of Bode Simeon who is perpetually drunk all day long , both of them are professionals at mining from the well of sentiments which exists as a result of the slavish and manipulative generosity of the likes of their pay master  , this one means is their livelihood .

 Bode Simeon and Olaposi Oginni are a pair whose moral deadness are only imaginable. They have both since lost touch with with the ability to differentiate between being honest and being dishonest , both tendencies to them have no boundary.

The essence of this statement is to very strongly distance Ogun State LP from Olaposi Oginni and his fellow Almajiri  partner in their blind  politics without regards to principles.

Today , Olaposi did lie by saying that he is coming to NNPP from LP , rather he is coming from his  dual membership of National Interest Party which the INEC records detailed him as the Ogun State Chairman and presently , he is still a functional PRO in the Lado arm of Ogun PDP.

 Finally , the Ogun State Labour Party wishes to make it abundantly clear that the notorious Olaposi Oginni has no link or any kind of relationship with  Ogun State LP ,he has been expelled a long while back.


Comrade Gentleman

Abayomi Arabambi

State Chairman

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