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Monday, May 25, 2020

'You are a Betrayal and callous human being' - Hon Lai Taiwo and Steve Oliyide lambast Bayo Dayo

....Call Him A Confused Human Being 

The crisis rocking People's Democratic Party PDP in ogun state attain another height this morning following an attack on the embattled chairman, Engr Bayo Dayo by the loyalists of Honorable Oladipupo Adebutu, Steve Oliyide and Honorable Lai Taiwo on "Ogun Political Updates" whatsapp platform. 

According to Honorable Lai Taiwo, 

"What goes around comes around. I'm greatly surprised to see bayo dayo to come in the open to talk bad about sen buruji kashamu and now finding it necessary to unite the party what first came to my mind is that bayo dayo doesn't have same as old as he is he has no conscience.
Why now, you have been at the helm of affairs for the past ten years when you have opportunity to do the right thing to unite the party. You didn't see anything wrong with sen buruji now that your time has expired and see another place you can get retirement benefits you are talking bad of man that made you what you are today.
You know that this man trusted you and invested heavily on you and your son bola most of the money given to people in ijebu Igbo was through you son, he took him as his son you and your family made a lot of money from him everybody knew how you were before you became the chairman of PDP ogun State and what you are now, even if you have to path way with him you don't have to go public to talk bad of the man you enjoy good relationship for ten years. I was with sen buruji when I pathed my way with him I have never talk bad of him in any media likewise Hon ladi adebutu because one should always remember good time when you were together. Ata ati epo buruji abi e
You are saying sen buruji lay allegation of assassination against you, you have have forgotten that you wrote similar petition to elewe eran against Hon ladi adebutu, Hon sikirulai ogundele luberu from ago iwoye, asuje and myself where we were invited to cp office and you shamelessly came to write statement to defend your petition. Dr bankole and our respected woman elder from ijebu ode were bundled into black maria due to your complain. Sikirulai ogundele and Steve oniyinde were charged to court for burglary and you are the complainant why are you complaining now.
Bayo dayo you are over 70yrs you should have gone back home quitely be contented with what God used sen buruji to achieve but alai nitelorun agbalagba. Eyan ki fi oju olore gungi.
I'm not saying sen buruji doesn't have his own fault but it's not bayo dayo that will come to the media to criticize sen buruji
For those that are trying to acquire him and fill that he be useful you are wrong because you are acquiring expired commodity." Hon Lai taiwo

Meanwhile, Former media aide to Otunba Justus Gbenga Daniel, Steve Oliyide also blasted Engr Bayo Dayo in the same platform. 

See his comment 

"My sincere prayer is that by the time a sincere solution is being found to the problem of PDP especially in vacating all the court matters, a permanent solution to all these “dirty things and unemployable dirty characters” that rose in the wake of the crises should also be found and vacated. 
Hon Waliu Taiwo has given a brilliant submission by all, but the political scavengers who pride themselves in being available for hire by anyone who cares and are incapable of logical and intelligent reasoning; same set of jobless and unemployable characters like Ajomale with Buruji yesterday and Ladi today and whose displayed wares is in their ability to attack those who are better than them and go back to their employers to say “Ah! Can you see the way I abuse this and that? I gave it to him, I attacked him bla bla bla...” to collect their crumbs of survival.
I don’t stay on the same media platform with those kinds, please. I will rather excuse myself. As long as these ones exist, there can never be a solution because it is like closing a shop on them; you are taking away their means of livelihoods."

Ajomale in his response to the attack said:

"Sir, I don’t think you should engage all these Cyber warriors on Rentals. That is their own “shop” and he wants to use you to build up receipts for cash. They are the greatest threat to the peace of politics in Ogun State; unemployable young men that seem to be hawking their wares of abuse like pepper sellers in Kuto market. 
That is Ajomale, (I am sure you know him), from Buruji to GNI and now to Ladi. All what he posts here he will copy and during drinking time in the evening they will boast to their new leaders of how many abuses they have sold for the day and get paid for it. And some of us will not sit down and allow you to be insulted by those who could not wait to take the necessary training to earn decent living in life."

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