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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Breaking: Bangbose Emerges As Ogun PDP Chair As 250 Cars, SUV Is Set To Be Distributed To Members

......launches of another set of 250 branded OMO -ILU SUV, Busses and cars as empowerment to the members . 

The People's Democratic Party PDP in Ogun state has announced Hon Samson Kayode Bangbose as the new State Chairman after the expiration of tenure of Engineer Bayo Dayo after serving the party for the period of 8 years. 

According to the press statement released by Hon Samson Kayode Bangbose
State Chairman;



Gentlemen of the Press 


 First , a very great applause for the steadfast and totally loyal members of Ogun  State PDP who have remained resolute in their unshaken belief and confidence in the Ogun State PDP .

 Second , we here formally welcome our new members who are in the class of the best and most highly experienced , strong and powerful grassroot mobilizers across the State.

 With much respect and humility , we here recognise the God  sent Saviour , the very capable and untiring leaders' leader , the one and only individual that has for over a decade remained the heart and soul of Ogun PDP , even when the departure of those who claim to have founded PDP threatened to kill the party. He is Senator Buruji Kashamu , the 2019 Gubernatorial Candidate of PDP , one single man who single handedly rebuilt PDP OGUN STATE . 

Today , the immigrant political opportunists who deserted the party at the most telling period , who the very accommodating and compassionate political GIANT of PDP gave a free and fair opportunity to rejoin the party in a unification rally without condition of any mould. Since their return , because they are misled into thinking that there is a leadership vacuum in the PDP they returned to has been all the while busy trying to undermine the leadership of PDP

Like it has always turned out , this ongoing insubordination of a few treacherous , dishonest and inordinately ambitious " Wana bees" will be roundly contained , as it has always come to be ,  of the rebellious few  who are from here on show readiness  and willingness to return home will be re - accommodated.

Finally , I recognise the members of the Ogun State PDP Exco and applaud their collective political fighting spirit to guide and defend the Constitution of PDP within the law. Today , you are very much in control of the Party you love to love.


This press release is mainly for the purpose of informing the public that ,the State Exco , under the State Chairmanship of Hon. Samson Bamgbose will formerly launch a new set of branded new Omo Ilu foundations SUV, Busses and cars numbering 25 , on Friday  , the 8th of May 2020 to be immediately distributed to  selected members of the Party. This will be followed by the launching of another set of 250 branded Omo Ilu SUV, Busses and cars as empowerment to the members . Of course , it is not negotiable that the new LG Chairmen / Secretaries  will be adequately taken care of. This is just the beginning , as we make progress , each member will feel the impact of the empowerment as motivations and in accordance with their level and noticeable involvement and contribution to the new development and growth plans of the Party .

 Yes , it is the return of the vintage leader of leaders , the heart and soul of PDP in Ogun State. Of course , anyone who chooses to lag behind in this very accommodating push at rebuilding the party is allowed to satisfy himself. PDP HAS FINALLY COME TO CLAIM ITS WINNING PLACE IN THE POLITY OF OGUN STATE .

Hon Samson Bangbose
State Chairman
5th May ,2020

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