Ogun PDP : Dayo Betrays PDP Sells Party Structure For 100milion Naira ---- Kasamu - NATIONAL TRUMPET


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ogun PDP : Dayo Betrays PDP Sells Party Structure For 100milion Naira ---- Kasamu

Engineer Adebayo Dayo has been accused of betraying the Peoples Democratic Party PDP for selling the state structure to Adebutu Kensington in which he has received part payment.

The statement was made today in a press release released by Senator Buruji Kashamu.
It was also stated that Eng. Dayo has no right to transfer any structure of the party to anybody.
While the party is on three years agreement with APM, the agreement is meant to expire in 2022 and by this Dayo no power to alter the agreement.
“We have the evidence of the meeting at Equity Hotel, Ijebu Ode, where Dayo collected money to sell the Ogun State structures of the PDP to Kessington Adebutu. What the Adebutus should realize is that they have been scammed, as Dayo has no power to transfer the structures of the Party to anyone.

This illegal transaction shows the low mentality of Dayo. Otherwise, how can anyone think that he can sell a political structure comprising many interests, major stakeholders for a mere 100 million naira?”

“Engineer Adebayo Dayo vainly tries to impress on his paymasters, by his press conference, posts and comments, that he is in control of the Ogun State PDP Executive Committee, in order to receive the rest of the payment promised him for betraying his colleagues in the Ogun State PDP Executive Committee and his leaders in the state.

Let the paymasters know that their pieces of silver for this betrayal (just like those paid to Judas Iscariot) are wasted. They have only bought their defeat again”

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