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Friday, August 16, 2019

Why Bayelsans Need Dr Nimibofa Ayawei.

Why Bayelsans Need Dr Nimibofa Ayawei.

Democracy  according to some scholars is the competition of ideas and those who have the ideas put them on the table for people to choose . Democracy is not all about godfatherism that seems to erode our political ideology . 
What the above statements imply is that the people should be  allowed to choose their leaders , who will bring government nearer to them and at the same time , correct all the wrongs made by previous administration . 

Bayelsans as at today have ample opportunities to choose either among the twenty two aspirants in People Democratic Party (PDP) or among the three aspirants in All Progressive Congress (APC). 

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei , one of the governorship aspirants in People Democratic Party (PDP) , apart from his intellectual capacity seems to have edge among other aspirants and remains  the only aspirant who have answers to some of the problems confronting the state now . 

According to him ". God has endowed the state with enough resources to enable it attract national and international investment that will engender  high-level capacity manpower for modernization in the country "  .he said .

Truly , Bayelsa State which was created sixteen years ago has more than enough capacity to develop faster as  the longest coastline in Nigeria . This is why brilliancy must come play . It is not about electing people  but electing somebody who is capable to harness the natural resources of the state for pure developmental purpose . That is why Bayelsans are supporting Dr Nimibofa Ayawei for his governorship dream .

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei according to some of the testimonies we were told had given scholarship to students from Bayelsa State to study abroad  even when he was running his own  Doctorate programme here in Nigeria . This is what we expect our leaders to do . 

On youth restiveness , Dr Nimibofa Ayawei said the only way to arrest the situation is to educate the youths . He said many are not educated and therefore they can't be employed in oil companies . Dr Nimibofa Ayawei is a man of his word according to many people in Bayelsa state and he has demonstrated that in different capacity .

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei in Bayelsa state today represents the true meaning of democracy and that is why he remains the choice of the  people . He knows what the Bayelsans want and he will surely make them proud .

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