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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei : A Blessing To Bayelsans

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei  : A Blessing To Bayelsans .

 As 2019 gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State draws nearer , many aspirants from the People Democratic Party  (PDP ) have indicated interest to take the leadership of the state from the sitting governor , Barrister Henry Seriake Dickson .

The People Democratic Party alone has up to twenty two aspirants in the race while All Progressive Congress , APC , has just two aspirants to Fight for the governorship poll . 

In Peoples Democratic Party , PDP for example , 29  of August has been set aside for the primary among the twenty two aspirants . The outcome of the primary will determine who among them that will be the party flagbearer .

Bayelsans from their own angle and their agitations show clearly that they need a democrat , that understand their plight and address all the shortcomings of past administrations that have continue to put the state in a retrogressive direction . A leader that his governorship style will not  only attract foreign investors but also transform the oil rich state among its contemporaries .

Lucky enough , out of many aspirants who are in the race , Bayelsans are so lucky this time to have Dr Nimibofa Ayawei popularly called DNA in the race .We cannot discuss all his achievements over the years here but the Bayelsans know well his  scholarship programme that many have benefited even without any governmental assistance  .

Dr Nimibofa Ayawei said " the huge economic and industrial potential/opportunities of our state can be maximally harnessed for the benefit and welfare of our people , which will generate and endue them with a sense of pride in our collective identity " .he said .

Economically , Bayelsa State is endowed but in dire need of a leader who has the intellectual capacity like Dr Nimibofa Ayawei  to drive the huge economy of the state  , to address infrastructural problem , good road network , employment opportunities for youths and to equally boost agricultural sector of the State that appears to be nothing .

Yenagoa , the capital city of Bayelsa this time , must be redefined and redesigned . The current state of the capital city is in shambles particularly at night . Not just a leader this time but best like Dr Nimibofa Ayawei is capable to turn the state capital to a megal city . 

We are waiting for time when Bayelsans in diaspora will be willing to come back home and invest . Time when investors around the world will choose Bayelsa State as an investor destination of choice . It is possible if only the security of lives and properties are guaranteed . That is why Dr Nimibofa Ayawei in his policies stated clearly that Community Policing  Agency ( CPA ) will be institutionalized .

Unemployment among youths in the state have also continued to be one of the major challenges confronting the state in recent times . Dr Nimibofa promises " to engage in youth development by supporting enterprise development , establishing youth development centres across the eight (8)Local Government  Areas and provide institutional support for MSME development and create the enabling environment for youths to thrive ".he said .

DNA as popularly called by fans friends , has also promised to raise the standard of health sector in the state by upgrading and improve the health facilities across the state  to make them more effective . 

Dr Nimibofa , agenda for road construction is not only good but urgently needed considering numerous challenges facing by motorists in the state . In his words " we will embark on massive road constructions across the state " . he said . Really , many roads in the state are begging for serious attention . 

He then vowed to partnership with private organisations for power generation and distribution . This is why Bayelsans need Dr Nimibofa Ayawei who is not only brilliant but also understand the plights  of his people .

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