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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Arabambi Drags Osoba, Oginni To The Mud Over #3B Suit On Okurounmu | Politics | National Trumpet


The factional chairman of Labour Party in Ogun State has dragged the former governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba to the mud on the recent #3 Billion suit filed against Senator Okurounmu over publication.

According to Comrade Abayomi Arabambi, "We are told that Pa Osoba wants #3b from Prof FEMI Okunronmu for publicly labelling him a "traitor". The fact is that , even if one is to doubt the truth in Prof Okunronmu's claim , one would be highly discouraged by some recent actions taken by our politically unstable and ever - recurring Pa Osoba."

Below is Arabambi's reaction:

It is going to be very difficult to consider the possibility of Pa Osoba not deserving the label.

As an example , just very recently that may be considered for now includes Pa Osoba deliberate encouragement of ijesa born Yewa Ilaro domicile expelled Olaposi Oginni , the ex - State Secretary of Ogun Labour Party to unleash treachery on Ogun Labour Party.

Pa Osoba publicly refuses to caution the nomadic political scavenger mercenaries when he paraded this  misdemeanor on the internet in collaboration with  Mr Ayo OLUBORI the so called care taker secretary of APC in OGUN . Good enough his puppet , Oginni has been expelled by the NWC of LP and they are aware Oginni works as house help assistant to families of  the Gubernatorial Candidate of ADC Prince Gboyega NASIRU Isiaka (GNI) , yet they paraded him as the scribe of OGUN LP

All of these were boldly aired on the internet .

The encouragement Pa Osoba gave to Oginni was confirmed by OGINNI himself to have been financed by Pa Osoba 

It got to a stage that Pa Osoba used Oginni in a futile attempt to allow the case of LP to fail at the Ogun State Governorship electoral Tribunal .

 Pa Osoba was seen to have financed the legal team that came with Oginni to court to take sides with all the respondents against the petitioners , LP and Governorship Candidate Mrs Modupeola SANYAOLU 

As for us in LP , once you are comfortable to be a sponsor and a loud party to treachery , you are more likely to be deserving to be seen as a traitor as said by the Former Senator Prof Femi Okurounmu.

Oginni is known and acknowledged as a political harlot with no visible means of livelihood and a failed Family Man , he is publicly identified by the public as a political exploiter and staunch supporter and promoter of GNI in ADC , an opposition party to LP in all ramifications.

If Pa Osoba could search and talent hunt such individual and went ahead to employ him with consideration to become treacherous to LP , Pa Osoba in LP considered opinion should go ahead to clear the damaging testimonial of a traitor in a court of competent jurisdiction and not in a corner mushroom gathering as represented.

It is good when the political elites begin to challenge the sincerity and honour of each other that sanity can be well established in our political system 

We in LP salute the courage of the elderly Prof Okunronmu who by his pedigree will be able to justify his claim even in a court of law.

The rest is history as the so called ijesa BORN  Ilaro domicile political merceneries who now has two political identities of ADC IN APC  has been perpetually confined to treacherous political dust bin.

The current Auto Pilot administration of GDA in Ogun State , the APC and INEC should be prepared for the unprecedented and monumental defeat over all the preceding shenanigans that characterized their induced victory obtained through elements of cohesion 

Until Supreme Court decision

Its no Retreat.....No surrender 

E Signed 

Comrade Gentleman Abayomi Arabambi 




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