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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Dapo Abiodun Snail Speed , A Call for Concern.

Governance to the people when they are not power is a very cheap and easy task because they are not in that position and so , they can criticize or trade blame on any government in power . 

Often , political office seekers most time talk to the electorates with their sugarcoated mouth about how and what they will do if voted to power . But from all indications or happenings in Ogun State now since the inception of the newly swear in governor , Prince Dapo Abiodun , the business mogul , the people of the state are now begin to see things from another angle compared to their high expectations .
Many who thought that wonders and miracles may or will happen if Prince Dapo Abiodun is elected as the governor of Ogun State are now having rethink or adjust their thinking because the governor appears to many people in Ogun State now as if he does not know what to do or where to start his government .

The governor call a meeting last week among the party leaders which was held at the Metro Hall in Ibara Housing Estate Abeokuta where the governor told them that the leaders of the party should tell them where they are having bad roads in their areas which did not go down well with many people . 

Many people have been condemning the idea because the leaders will not be objective in giving accurate information to the governor on roads that are begging for urgent attention . Some of the these leaders , for political reasons , may want the governor to do any roads linking to their house instead of the bad ones that concerns the general public . Many political Juggernaut in the state have been saying that the governor should pick people from ministries to go round the state and identify those bad roads .

The governor to some people going by their everyday reactions show clearly that the governor does not know where to start his government and that is why he said is not ready to probe  past administration in Ogun State . Even when he said he met empty treasury when he assumed office, the people of Ogun State are not interested in all this analysis but actions that will better the lives of people of Ogun State .

Since senator Ibikunle Amosun left power , the ministry of environment in Ogun State appears to have gone underground by neglecting their duties .Go round the State now , one can see heavy waste materials that are not packed. Example of the areas where if care is not taken , epidemic may breakout are : Ifo opposite Ifo market , Sango along Ijoko road , Ojuore in Ado Odo Ota and some other places around the state .

Furthermore , it may interest you to know that the governor who announced to the party members that he did not meet anything in the treasury organized a befitting program for the widows in the state which was held at Cultural Centre , Kuto Abeokuta where at the end of the program money were distributed to the widows who were invited and the passerby . We were reliably informed that even many who are not widow attended the program and collected their money . Some got two thousand naira each while some got more than that according to our findings .

If throughly the governor borrowed the money according to the illustrations he gave members of the party that some of his friends borrow him 7billion naira to pay May salaries . Then , he should use the money judiciously . There are many things in the state that needs urgent attention . It is the business of the governor to know how to pay the salaries of workers . That is why they voted for him .

Still not all , when the governor called a meeting which was held at the Metros Hall , they failed to classify the categories of members they are expecting as some of the people who got to the venue of the meeting were denied entrance by the security operatives . Why ?. Those who belong to APM  and APC were not allowed  , APM were not allowed as well . Only the APC members were allowed . 

Right now , we think the governor should be told that immediate former governor ,senator Ibikunle Amosun did a lot of works if not for the way he handled issues he will not have any blemishes at all . So , for any governor to supersede him in terms of achievement , that governor must work hard .  People of Ogun State are expecting much from the governor . The workers have a lot of issues the governor must address  particularly the teachers . 

We think it is the  right time for the governor to move on with the business of the state and forget about all these godfathers that people said are distracting him . Ogun State belongs to all and not to all these godfathers . The governor is wasting too much time on a spot which is not good enough with the enormous works ahead . This government for example used two weeks to do the appointment and swear in of SSG and Chief of Staff . So , how many weeks or months are they going to spend to appoint and do the swear in of 18 or 19 commissioners ?.  

Truly , apart from the state capital  where there are good roads , other areas like Ogun West and East are lamenting everyday over bad roads . There are lot of dilapidated buildings in schools  across the state now than before because the past government completely abandoned them . The health centres across the state are in comatose . This is why the governor should not fold his arms anymore and swing into actions . 

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