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Friday, June 21, 2019

Manager debunks land grabbing allegations

Following protest by some communities in Sagamu Local Government
Area of Ogun State   alleging that a land speculator had invaded their
communities, a registered Estate Management and Property Development
company known as Omolamina Global Ventures has revealed how his
company bought some parcels of land from the land owners in the
affected communities.

Speaking to our correspondent, Kamorudeen Lamina, the Chief Executive
officer of the venture said he had in 2017 bought about 60 acres of
land from the families that came to protest at the governors office
that day.

He said he is a business man with nothing to do with land grabbing,
adding that he had so many evidences including receipts to show that the lands in question were bought with the various families appending
their signatures to the deeds of agreement.

 “Sir K Oluwo (as he is popularly known) said 
“He bought 60 Acres from Sofuyi-Pasoku Descendants Family for thirty million naira with the head and secretary of the family appending their signatures.

" I also bought another from Famogun Alara Descendant Royal family with receipt and title deeds signed by the head and Secretary of the family.

He said "Omolamina Global Ventures, which is into Estate Management
and Property Development intends to use all these land we bouthg about three years ago to build an estate.

But due to paucity of funds, we have not started works on those lands.

Also speaking, some members of the affected families confirmed the purchase of the said lands.

Ogbeni , Olubamwo Oresanya speaking on behalf of the land owners said Omolamina Global Ventures actually bought the lands from them.
" Our family sold the land to Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina in 2017
and he has not use the land as we speak .
Also Mr Osho Odunayo , a member of the family said truly they sold the land
to Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina in 2017 and he has not use the land but one man called captain has been the brain behind the crisis all
this while .
Mr  Sunday Ogo Oluwa who corroborated the earlier speakers that there was no case of land grabbing but Omolamina global ventures actually bought those lands from the family.
" The family sold the land for Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina in 2017 and he has not used the

Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina then called on government to properly investigate the matter, saying that those people that sold the lands about three years ago with all papers duly signed, continue to harrass and intimidate him by calling him various unprintable names.
"It was after they have sold all their lands that they now continue to harrass my people from visiting the lands, Government and law enforcement agencies should please intervene, We are a law abiding citizen

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