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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Estate Manager Cries out Over Attempt to Dislodge him from his Acquired Land .

Estate Manager Cries Out Over attempt to dislolodge him from his acquired land

An Estate Manager , Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina  has called on all law enforcement agencies in Ogun State to save him from villagers in Sagamu Local Government who had been calling him land grabber after they have  collected 30,000000 ( thirty million naira) from him as payment for parcels of land in Ewu One , Alara respectively .

Otunba Lamina, who bought the said parcel of lands from the family said since he bought the land about three years ago, he had not erecyed a single structure on it.

According to him  " I bought the land through a closed associate who has been into estate business for years in 2017 . All the family members including the heads of the family sold the lands and they appended their signatures in the receipts given to me as evidence of payment . I paid 30,000000 naira for each of the lands for the family but now another set of people who claimed to be members of the family are now causing problem on the said land " he said .

Otunba lamented that one bricklayer called Fatai Atanda who was on his legitimate duty was attacked few months ago on the said land and they nearly killed him . He said the case was reported at Ogijo police station in Ogun State .

Explained further that he had held various peace meetings with both the parties in the family to ensure peace reign on the lands but the opposite is the case .

When our correspondent spoke to one of the heads of the family Mr Olubamwo Oresanya from Ewu One village ,he said " we cannot deny Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina of Omolamina Global Ventures now because he actually bought the land from us in 2017 and he paid . But some people who were slaves to their forefathers are the one creating problems in the area "  . he noted .

Mr Osho Odunayo who is also member of the family confirmed that Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina paid for the parcel of lands respectively and the family gave receipts which they appended their signatures on it in 2017.

He  further explained that Otunba Kamorudeen Lamina  has not used a single plot from the said lands let alone selling them .
Another source from the village who  did want his name to be mentioned also said that some people who claimed to be member of OPC are the one creating problems in the area . 

He noted that the said people are not members of the family and the family has held various meetings with them for peace to reign but they ignored .

He therefore called on the law enforcement agencies and the good people of Ogun State to investigate the matter to unravel the truth .

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