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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Jonathan speaks on owning foreign bank accounts, property

Previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, has demanded that he doesn’t possess any ledgers or property abroad.

Jonathan expressed this in an announcement issued on Saturday by his media counsel, Ikechukwu Eze, in response to a report that asserted that legal advisors speaking to the Federal Government, in a London court recording, blamed him for taking hush-money all together “to expedite a $1.3 billion oil bargain eight years back”.

He expelled the report on the disputable Malibu oil bargain as a reused lie that is unmitigatedly deceptive, shabby and unsurprising.

“Previous President Goodluck Jonathan did not request or gather any fixes, neither has he been charged for asking or collecting rewards, neither will he ever be accused of seeking or gathering influences, because such never occurred.

“That this specific contest originated before the Jonathan organization and endured it. That previous President Jonathan is 61 years of age and for a mind-blowing duration has never opened a record, nor claimed property outside Nigeria,” he said.

The announcement included, “truth be told, and we expected something like this as far back as it was declared that previous President Jonathan would lead the Election Observation Mission of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa to South Africa’s national and collective decisions.

“We are very much aware that this case was intentioned to overshadow the altruism and positive reports of previous President Jonathan’s industrious commitment in South Africa’s national and temporary races.

“The way that most real media houses in the nation would not republish this misrepresentation substantiates our conviction that Nigerians can never again be misdirected by clear and diversionary cases of debasement, despite exacerbating the situation in the country.

“We have clarified continuously that past this flood of guess, previous President Jonathan was not connected, arraigned or accused of gathering any monies as kickbacks or rewards from ENI by the Italian experts or some other law requirement body the world over.

“It bears rehashing that the archives identifying with the exchanges and choices of the Federal Government on the Malabo issue, amid the Jonathan organization, are in the applicable Government workplaces, where they are open.

“We might want to call attention to that every one of the moves made by the Jonathan organization in connection to exercises in the oil business was lawfully led by applicable Nigerian Government authorities and were completed to the greatest advantage of the nation.”

The announcement included that whether in office or out of office, previous president Jonathan still “does not possess any ledger, business or land outside Nigeria.”

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