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Monday, March 25, 2019

Widow of slain NSCDC officer appeals to IG for justice

The family of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Officer, Ogah Jumbo, who was allegedly killed by two traffic wardens in Nyanya, Abuja, last Wednesday, has demanded justice for his murder.

Ogah, an Assistant Superintendent of the NSCDC, died during a confrontation with the policemen over alleged traffic contravention.

Ogah’s widow, Ada, urged the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to ensure that those responsible for her husband’s death paid for their action.

She also said that the police must take care of the deceased’s family, noting that her children’s education and future were paramount.

Speaking to our correspondent on Sunday, the mother of two stated that Adamu’s promise that justice would be done would only be meaningful when it was fulfilled.

Ada stated, “I want justice for my husband, that’s the most important thing. I don’t know about the IG’s promise, but all I want is justice. They (police) should do what they need to do.

“My husband had good plans for his family, so they must do everything concerning my children and myself. My husband was taking good care of us; he was vibrant and full of life, only for the policemen to cut short his life.”

Ada had alleged that the deceased was dragged on the ground to the police station by the traffic wardens, stressing that the policemen also wasted time in taking him to the hospital when it was obvious that he was dying.

Reacting to the police statement that Ogah drove to the police station after his encounter with the wardens, Ada denied the claim, stating that a policeman drove the vehicle to the station.

She said, “What the police spokesman said was a big lie; my husband did not drive himself to the police station. The vehicle was left on the road and my husband was dragged on the ground to the police station.

“In fact, one of the policemen asked me to drive the car to the station, but I said I could not. They gave the key to one of the police drivers, who went there to bring the car.

“Right now, the vehicle is with the police. If you check my husband’s toe nails, you will see bruises everywhere. They were dragging him on the ground, saying he must write a statement at their station.”

She added that the deceased was planning to celebrate the birthday of his youngest son, who clocked three on Saturday.

“My husband was planning to celebrate the birthday of his youngest son at the Millennium Park, Abuja, on Saturday, but the police killed him,” she said ruefully.


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