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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My pleasure in Saxophone is uncompromise – Amos Sax

A very young, vibrant, eloquent and energetic upcoming instrumentalist, Tanigbola Amos has made it clear that his talent is God-given, and he preferred to use it in Church rather than playing for worldly musicians. The multi-talented Eruwa born Amos, who finds pleasure in Saxophone in this interview, said he wouldn’t mind being signed into Record label as far as it is the will of God. Excerpt.

Tanigbola Amos Iyanuolufunminife is my name. I am from Eruwa in Oyo state, and that is where I was born. I had my primary education at Omowunmi Nursery and Primary school now Premier Nursery and Primary school there in Eruwa. I did my JSS1 and JSS2 in Apode High school, Eruwa before I relocated to Ogun state to conclude my secondary school, where I attended United Comprehensive High school, Waasimi Ogun state. I once represented Ewekoro Local Government at the 2006/2007 National Festival held in Abeokuta, while I was in secondary school. I studied Music/Yoruba at Federal College of Education, FCE in Abeokuta and presently, I am an undergraduate of University of Lagos where I am studying Creative Art (Music).

What motivates you to Saxophone?
Saxophone is one of the instruments I really love and I have passion for. I don't know maybe it's because of my background. I grew up in Church, my father is a pastor, while my mother is from Ayan (those who beat drums) family, you know as a Pastor's child, you will have access to all the instruments in Church, I developed my interest in musical instruments and I started with Konga drum and as time goes on, I used to see people with Saxophone and I always like how they blew it. Before I developed my interest for Saxophone, I had love guitar and I wanted to learn how to play it, but as God would have it, the person that was supposed to trained me then fumbled, he discouraged me by not giving me much attention. So, when I saw Saxophone, I determined to learn it by all means because I have developed passion for it. There is one thing about me, once I focus on something, I will make sure I get it. What really motivated me was that whenever I see other people making it big as a Saxophonist, then I believe I can do better. And aside from that, Saxophone gives me joy and more pleasure to the extent that whenever I'm not feeling fine or bored or whenever I’m in a hot mood, I see it as my best friend that will cuddle me, and that’s enough to motivate me.

Your Role Models
Yes, I have many role models, people like Beejay Sax, Mike Aremu, Jerry Omole among others are those I looked as role model. These are Nigerian top saxophonists.

Are you also into music industry?
Yes, so far I play Saxophone, and that is what is putting food on my table, I’m already into music industry. I go to events like wedding, engagements, birthday party, church ministration, dinner party, and any kind of events. I’m fully into gospel and partially into circular music industry, because I partially play for circular musicians, I love playing for God because my talent is from God.

What if top circular musicians call you for partnership?
There is nothing bad in it, so far it is my profession and that's what I studied in school and I am also still studying like I told you earlier, I will go. I have played for artistes like Simi, I played in her 'Jamb Question' video, I played for Odunlade Adekola in his new movie yet to be released, I mean 'The Vendor', and some other upcoming artists. Though I love to play in Church because my talent is God-giving and I want to use it more for Him (God). What matters is that, I just have to mind my ways so as not to be tempted and not to do it to the extent of forgetting about God, my creator, because that is my only priority.

Are you looking forward to be signed into any record label?
If that is what God wants, I wouldn't mind, but it must be Godly record label or record label that won't keep me away from God. I never want what will keep me away from God.

Like how many minutes can you blow non-stop?
I can do it from morning till night. I find pleasure doing it. Three things attached as an instrumentalist, you will enjoy yourself, people will enjoy you and it will also earn you money, fame and connections.

Playing for Church and playing for circular musicians, which one do you enjoy most?
I enjoyed both, but I enjoy playing for Church more.

How do you cope as an undergraduate with your career?
With God, all things are possible. God has always been my strength right from the beginning. Everything is happening according to God's will. My plans are little to the results I'm seeing now.

Aside from Saxophone, what other instruments are you good at?
I hail from Ayan family like I told you earlier, I can play talking drum 'Gangan', I can play Keyboard but to some extent.

Do you also train people?
Yes, I trianed people and I have some of my students around. I can't count those who I had trained, but I can beat my chest to at least ten people who I trained and are now guru in playing Saxophone.

Do you have school for it, or are you intending to establish a training school?
I don't have school yet, but I have something like that in mind. 

People like you will have more female fans than male fans, how do you cope with your female fans?
When you're good in a profession, most especially people like us that are in music industry, we face a lot of challenges, and most of my challenges comes from female fans. You know, females don't hide their feelings, once they love or like something, they will be blunt. But for men, they hide their feelings, but not unlike females that really appreciate your talent, most especially when you're creative. I have a lot of female admirists, some would come as normal fans, some would come to woo you, while some would come to have relationship or date you. You just have to understand your destiny and never fall into temptation. Females are in two sides, they can make you and they can bring you down, it is left to you on how to handle them and choose the right ones among them. You can't avoid everybody, you just have to watch your way and be wise, just like everybody. Unlike me, I don't hate people, I love everybody accordingly. 

Where do you intend to see yourself in the next five years?
That's a great question, someone asked me this same question someone years back, and where I am now is what I pictured then. God has been so faithful and He has been fulfilling my heart desires. I'm very sure in the next five years, I will be where God wants me to be.

What others things do you do aside from Saxophone?
Let me say I'm a comedian, I am good at cracking jokes, I sing and I am also a fashionista.

Any message to your fans and upcoming Saxophonist like you?
Yeah, they should be humble, focus and prayerful and never be decieved from what they see around. They should never limit themselves, also they should never fall into temptation. When they see themselves performing better, they should never be proud of themselves.

How can people contact you?
My phone number is 08064866096 is my office for now. I'm also on Facebook as Tanigbola Amos Iyanuolufunminife; Instagram: @amostanigbola.

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