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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We can no longer tolerate old men in Nigeria politics – Nigerian Youths

…says there may be revolution comes 2019 if…

Nigerian Youths under the body of Ogun Youth Alliance (OYA) have said that it is time for the Yoyths to take over government comes 2019, hence, they can no more tolerate old men in the Nigeria politics, says they have failed the people of the country.

The President of the OYA who is the parental body of many alliance platform, Comrade Sodeinde Daniel made this known during the Democracy Awareness Rally to sensitize Nigeria citizens, most especially the Youths to go out and get their voters’ card so as to participate in the coming general election to mark the 2018 democracy day.

Comrade Sodeinde said the main purpose of the Ogun Youth Alliance is to bring together all the socio-political youth organization in Nigeria, especially in Ogun state in mobilizing the youth to participate fully in governance (politics) as from 2019.

He further stated that “As we can see, since 1960, it has been the same set of old men that has been ruling us in Nigeria. They have tried their best, we know they fought for democracy and we appreciate them, and we say now is the time for them to hand over to we the youths.

“Ogun Youth Alliance is not a political party, we are a movement and we may end up in a political party that suite the youths. That is; not just a political party, but a political party that is youth oriented and youth can vouch for. We can see that the terrain of many of the present political parties in this country cannot solve Nigeria problems.

The theme of the 2018 Democracy Rally is Strengthening Nigeria Democracy through the Ballot., that is: voting through the ballot.

When delivering his message to the people, Comrade Daniel said “My message is that every good citizen should go out to get their PVC and wait for the directives from the youth. We are going to civilize our people and roll out our best candidate in each state to vie for every political post, and we shall move the masses to vote them in. I am begging the youths to come out in masses and support us.” He submitted.

In his own speech, the Ambassador for Youth in Politics, Comrade Oyalowo Ayodeji said the people of the country have tried so far in accommodating the unfriendly leaders who only knows about themselves and not the good people that voted them in.

He said 2019 is the time for the Youth to take the number one post of the country, because he believes so much in the youths.

On his own part about the PMB administration so far, he said though President Muhammadu Buhari have tried his possible best, but yet, he had failed so far in terms of security and putting food to the table of every common man.

He also urged Nigerians to go out massively to get the Permanent Voter Card and also participate in politics comes 2019 so as to vote out the leaders who have been ruling the country since the day of Nigeria’s democracy.

Also, Comrade Moshood Muhammed, the convener for Patroitic Allaince for National Development (PAND), an NGO, when speaking with our reporter said there may be revolution in Nigeria, possibly if the youths did not find their way to the top comes 2019.
“We encourage patriotism among Nigerians, this is necessary because we cannot build a country without the involvement of the people, particularly the youths who have the larger population in the country.

“Nobody in the government today really want the youth to govern because of what they are eating, they are not ready to step aside for the youths. They know youth in politics is what is trending today and they want to be part of the news, that is why they are say supporting the youth with mouth.

“The bible said the kingdom of God suffereth violent and the violent taketh it by force. We must make sure the youths are ready however to do better when they are in power, and there must be differences between the youths and those who have been there before. …I want to believe there will be a revolution if the youths are not given chances.”

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