Sunday, April 1, 2018


....collective commitment by all Nigerians 


As Nigerians joined their Christians counterpart all over the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, known as Easter,  the  Executive Chairman of Etsako Central Local Government Area, Comrade John Osi Akhigbe (aka Akpogu) has called on the people of the local government in particular and the nation in general to unite  for the common purpose to move the local government and the country forward.

In  his Easter massage signed by the media aid, Comrade Akhigbe urged the people to use the Easter period to forgive one another as the essence of Easter is Spiritual renewal, forgiveness and victory over death. 

According to him, "Forgiveness breeds freedom and happiness saying that may we rejoice in the knowledge that we are free forever", he stated. 

"As we celebrate Easter today, may we remember God's perfect love for all mankind and that love fill us with hope for the days to come"' he added.

He said that as the world celebrate this wonderful day that Christ gave His life for humanity willingly and unconditionally, we should extend also the same love to our families, friends and others around us especially the less privileged in the society. 

"We should use this time to mend up strained relationship and strengthen the ones we already have by sharing our hearts and love with others. Let this be the time when grace is poured out from us to others as we help others to realize that even when dreams, hopes and pains seem dead, they can still resurrect and gain new life".

The chairman equally asked the people not to lose hope in the present government and themselves. 

"We should also use this period to pray for those who sacrificed their lives for others, like the Armed Forces, the doctors, nurses, volunteers and teachers and all who never count the costs of blessing others. 

"As we celebrate, we should think of all those who are not fortunate as we are and in any way that we can, let us make someone else's life better today. 
The chairman appealled to the people not to see the celebration as a time of meriment but sober reflection, sharing of love and learn to see everyone regardless of race, religious and political differences and creed as people who are worthy of God's selfless love. 
He however reiterated his commitment to purposeful leadership in ensuring meaningful development in the local government area and called for unity and cooperation among the people. 

"We must let unity be our weapons in achieving our collective desire, we must all come together and have faith in those in power both local, state and federal levels ", he added.

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