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Monday, April 23, 2018

Agriculture, a means to avert poverty in our land - Hon Wemi Jones

Agriculture is one of the major investment platform of livelihood in our current generation.
In as much, one cannot stop rain from falling and the sun from setting, so one cannot stop agriculture. Because without agricultural produce, man cannot live at all.

In respect to that, Hon. Wemi Jones sees Agriculture as part of the major means and tool one can use to avert poverty from our land and places more light on reasons why Okun Youths should see agriculture as a means to survival and do away with political thuggery and shun other evil means of survival.

In respect to the visit to his Ibietan farms Limited, an integrated Farm located in Aiyede, Kabba/Bunu LGA of Kogi state which is owned by Him, Hon. Wemi Jones promised to encourage and give maximum support to every ready minded individuals who would want to invest/dabble into agriculture as this is a wake up call to Okun youths who choose and wishes to go into various commercial agriculture farming system.

In addition to that, he made a remark that he will also makes agriculture his topmost key agenda if voted in as House of Rep Member come 2019.

Provisions of other mechanized farming tools to farmers in his Constituency. 

Hon. Wemi Jones is a talk and do leader.
Expect more from him.
God bless Kabba/Bunu Ijumu federal constituency. 

TWJ media Team reporting

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