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Monday, March 5, 2018

Nigeria's Problems Are Man-Made - Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that the Nigeria's numerous problems amongst other African countries are man-made and not the creation of God.

The elder statesman made this assertion during the celebration of his 81st birthday held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

Obasanjo also revealed that one of his major regrets in life was the early demise of his parents, who he said did not live to reap the fruits of their labour.

Also speaking at the event the governor of Ogun state Senator Ibikunle Amosun urged the former President to stop writing open letters.

Obasanjo who spoke to appreciate the guests on Monday said he wishes his parents were alive to witness his growth and success in life and to appreciate the sacrifice they made while raising him.

The former President, however, said his consolation is on the popular Yoruba belief that, the dead always look behind.

He expressed optimism that, with that belief, he was sure his late parents would still be happy in their graves till date.

He words,"We must be able to serve humanity, if we can’t serve humanity, we can’t serve God. I do not believe God had created bad situation for Nigeria, or any particular country in Africa. If things are not going right, we must blame ourselves".

Speaking on his greatest regret Obasanjo said “One thing I always miss and remember is that my parents left this world too early. The sacrifice they made, they do not wait to see the results. How I wish they have waited to see and eat fruits of their labour.

"But going by what Yoruba believe and say that, the dead always watch over their beloved ones and see happenings around them, I am convinced that, my parents are happy in their graves, as they watch over me".

"For me, this day, I have nothing but to continue to thank God, appreciate Him, and praise Him and worship Him and adore Him for all that he had done for me personally, for members of my family, for my extended family, friends, and peers and for those who has worked with me.

"Where people talk about my achievements, not mentioning or remembering that I wouldn't have been able to achieve anything all by myself alone. I believe it could amount to various serious omission because many of those who worked with me worked with loyalty, worked committedly and some of them are still doing so up till today.

"One of the things that I always missed or remember with some feeling of sadness is that my parents left this world too early and that the sacrifices they have made for me, how I wish they have been around to see the fruit of their labour, that is not to be.

"But if, as Yoruba belief that those who are dead are still able to see who are here alive, if my parents, where they are, are able to see those of us who are here, they will also be grateful to those who have worked with me to enable me to achieve what, if they've been alive, they would have been proud of those achievements."

Obasanjo however, called on the need to serve God adding that human beings can only serve God appropriately after he had served humanity.

In his remarks, governor Amosun described Obasanjo as a nationalist and a giant in Africa.

Amosun said he wishes the former President lives for 100 years and not 120 like many people were wishing him.

He said "Love him or hate him, there's something nobody can take away from him, he's a true nationalist. Baba loves Nigeria and I know that there's absolutely nothing he wouldn't want to do for Nigeria.

"Even beyond the scores of Nigeria, if you start counting, Baba would be one of the best three giants of Africa, many of whom are no longer with us.

"There's no way history of our nation Nigeria and the continent of Africa would be written without the prominent mention of Baba.

"When they were praying for Baba, they said 120 and I said 100 is OK but Baba, when you live to that age, don't write letters ooo don't write ooo, because Baba would continue writing when he lives till 120, please don't write oo, that is Baba for you.

"Please reduce your activities, you're not getting young anymore, Baba please slow down, you're not getting younger anymore, we are not saying Baba should be indoors because he would die, but while you're doing something, please slow down because we still want to have you around for many years".


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