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Saturday, February 3, 2018

We Are Committed To Political Evolution - NYMSA

The National Coordinator of Noble Youths Mass Support Association, NYMSA, Hon. Godwin Ochoga Onmonya had declared that the association have no other aim than committed to political evolution in making the Nigeria that many Nigerians wished to come true.

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Hon. Onmonya made this declaration in a release sent to TRENDINGMETRO late Friday where he laid emphasis on what the association, NYMSA portends as to make Nigeria Youths to come out in millions and makes Nigeria great through the newly established association.

The release reads "Noble Youths Mass Support Association NYMSA is a socio-political group of Young, patriotic and progressive Nigerians working towards the building and institutionalization of young, youthfully vibrant leaders into Nigerian hierarchy of political positions and power.

"We are concerned about the continuous drifting off the ship of the Nigerian state to perdition, especially as marked by escalating youths and general unemployment, youths and general poverty, alarming state of insecurity and general developmental deficits.

"We are also disturbed over the perennial relegation of Nigerian youths from Leadership process (especially the women) in Nigeria.

"Furthermore, we are perturbed by the wrong and Unfortunate stereotype of Nigerian youths as hewers of electoral malfeasance and drawers of election violence.

"Being social democrats, we are committed to political EVOLUTION.

"We are committed to mobilizing Nigerian youths all over the world for an EVOLUTION (a gradual directional change) that will deliver the Nigeria of our collective dream.

"For NYMSA, the Nigeria of our dream is derived from  our expectations as Nigeria's, social democrats and political actors.

"The Nigeria of our dream is one united country established on the basis of justice, equity and good governance. The Nigeria of our dream is a country where the chief interest of government is the security and welfare of citizens.

"In pursuing these core governance interests, government exercises its powers within an ambience of the rule of law, public accountability, open society, inclusiveness and protection of human rights especially rights of the weak and vulnerable (children, youths, women, aged, minorities and those living with disabilities).

"The Nigeria of our dream is a country where merit based and issues driven leadership inspires the citizenry for excellence in every field of life endeavor. The Nigeria of our dream is a country through excellent public education and enabling socio-economic environment, Nigeria youth's are empowered to pursue their highest dreams and a life of happiness.

"The Nigeria of our dream is an organic society where responsible governance marked by justice, equity and unfettered access to opportunities inspire pride and confidence in every Nigerian.

"The Nigeria of our dream is a country that takes her rightful place in the comity of nations, provides leadership for the black race and competes favourably in the global arena.

"The Nigeria of our Dream is a nation that truly step into the 21st century through world class and efficiently performing public infrastructure, security of lives and property and pro citizens social welfare policy. Hon. Godwin Ochoga Onmonya National Coordinator, NYMSA." he submitted.

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