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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tinubu Will Be The Biggest Coward In The World If… - Segun Sowunmi

…Faults Governor Amosun on Sectionalization

Campaign Director General for Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo in South West 2015, Former commissioner 2 Under the former Governor of Ogun State Otunba Gbenga Daniel, relevant  PDP spokesman in Nationalist and a political orator cum analysist, Honourable Segun Sowunmi has faulted the actions of Chief Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for leading the Yorubas into hand of the APC led administration under President Muhammadu Buhari.

Segun Sowunmi who made this known at His residence in Abeokuta last week Friday while receiving the acting executives of Nigerian Bloggers under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Bloggers (NANB) for a courtesy visit as part of the association progressive plan meet the notable people across the states.

He said the APC administration under President Muhammadu Buhari has failed woefully and Nigerians are not happy with what Nigerians are facing under this present administration, APC have disappointed this country for not fulfilling the promises they vowed for Nigerians in the last 2015 general election that makes them succeeded the PDP administration of Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He also faulted the Governor Ibikunle Amosun led administration in Ogun state saying he is running a sidelined government, but he will only forgive him only if plane fly into the state before the end of his tenure as promised.

In his words, he says “This is a party that stole our members from PDP to their APC, and now those ones that left, we were telling them not to leave and take things easy, they didn’t yield to our advices, and now look at what is happening to them in the party. Saraki cannot tell me he is happy to be Senator under them, they’ve not given him peace of mind for one day. Even Atiku Abubakar, we warned him not to go, now he has gone and run back. We also told Baba Obasanjo not to tear his card, he tore it and now he’s lamenting. If he had stayed, maybe all these things happening now will not happen.

“I do not agree with Obasanjo with coalition, I don’t know what he means by that, the last attempt of coalition is what brought about APC. They are the majority in the house, senate, even in the Federal Government, and yet they cannot run a consistent government than can agree with itself.

The only person that is left among those that started the APC apart from the CPC element is Bola Tinubu, and Asiwaju Tinjubu will be the biggest coward in the world if he cannot tell himself the truth. Is Bola Tinubu trying to tell me that he is very proud to where he has pushed Nigeria to now, where Christians are being slaughtered, where farmers are slaughtered, where Chief Olu Falae’s farm was been burnt down. Is Bola Tinubu telling me that he is so so proud that he has carried we the children of Obafemi Awolowo in an arrangement where the country is about to break?

“Is Bola Tinubu telling me that under his words while he is still alive, Igbo people want to leave the country, and cows are more valued than human beings? So if Bola Tinubu is proud of what has happened now, I the need to ask him a personal question that “is he proud with the way he has been treated?” We are not in his party, but as Yoruba people and Nigerians, we always pity him. It is as if the used him and dumped him.

“They have reduced his influence in the Southwest. He no longer has control in Ogun. He cannot tell me he has control in Edo, Oyo, Osun and even in Ekiti. The one he tried in Kogi, he could not succeed. The only place he could say he has a little bit control is Lagos State, and even in that Lagos, they have been promoting some of Bola Tinubu’s boys to become giants over him. So if Bola Tinubu is a coward, and he cannot retrace his step, he should just know that we are holding him responsible for everybody killed under the APC led administration. We are holding him responsible for every lost, queuing. Mobil is working now, he cannot borrow them success. We are holding him for fighting agitation in the country and he should be a brave man, nobody can hold him on anything, he has the right to do the needful, if Obasanjo can write letter, what stops Babangida from writing, what stops Shagari from writing, what is stopping Shonekan, Abdulsalam from writing and what is stopping Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu from writing?

“The fact that Obasanjo wrote a letter does not mean Buhari has to get up tomorrow morning and leave the government, NO! It may even be the catalyst to get him to do better. After a while, nobody cares about who the President is in America, and that is how it ought to be in Nigeria, if the man there is delivering, nobody care. And can you be watching it, and the man find courage to write a letter and you are asking me how do I feel?

“I think the APC should just be dusting their papers and all Nigerians should go and get their Permanent Voter Card (PVC), that is the beauty of the democracy and I don’t want their party to collapse, I beg God Almighty on their behalf that APC not collapse so that Nigerians will always have two (2) parties, if one party says I will give you one dollar to one naira and you give them your vote, when they get there, and one dollar becomes 365naira, you already know they have failed. If one party comes and say I will give two million jobs every month and the rate of unemployment is increasing by 10percent every month, you already know they have failed.”

On Governor Ibikunle Amosun

“There is a view that one holds which is purely because of party and there is a view that one holds because it is the truth. In this feeding bottle democracy, everybody have to protect their own area. In terms of infrastructural development and renewal efforts in terms of roads network around Abeokuta, as an Egba man, I will thank him. I will ask him immediately that has he gone to Ado-Odo Ota and the areas around Igbesa, Agbara/Lusada, Mowe/Ibafo, Alagbole/Ifo, Akute/Ajuwon, if his answer is NO, I would say okay, maybe he should go there. If his answer is YES, I would then ask him, do you think in your conscience, putting too many bridges in Abeokuta when those area like that, is that how to run a state? If he said YES, I would tell him ‘My brother Mr. governor that is not how to run a state.

“I would not mind you doing development in Abeokuta, but you can face it. I would expect you as you’re making progress in Abeokuta and also be making progress in other areas within Ogun state that are critical. I will also ask him how much he is building these roads and how much are the constructed bridges costs. You cannot come and be building bridges at a cost that they are building bridges in the Niger Delta, because the areas are water-locked areas.

“I will also ask him, apart from roads and bridges, which other area do you think roads and bridges are the totality of the development needs of Ogun state, if he said Yes, I will tell him roads and bridges are not the only developmental needs of Ogun state. I would ask him, you would have made me a happier man if I have seen that you have done other alternative roads to the Lagos/Ibadan express road, so that people can travel faster.

“I would have expected him to divide his resources into four, a quarter goes to each of the senatorial district. I would score him very high on his relationship between the Obas in the state. I would also let him know that governance is not about governor jumping up and down, but governance been able to attract competent and capable hands and giving them the opportunity to go and do the job. The business of foreman that we are running in Nigeria is our problem. The governor should only be interested in policies and have strong people that can be working simultaneously.

“Everybody in Amosun is muted; you hardly hear anything from any of them, except they are either trying to play to the gallery. That’s not how to run a government, commissioners must be able to communicate safe. I will praise him without any apologies because I see that he is paying salaries when others could not afford to pay in their states. I must tell you the fact that Amosun is already on his way out. Ogun people have given him the opportunity to govern twice.

“Because of Amosun, I’m very nervous about two things on who is going to be the next governor in Ogun state. The first one is that I don’t know the level of debts and the second one is what happens if another governor comes and follows the same model Amosun follows. The fact that people are not talking does not mean people are not seeing.

“I went to Badagry sometimes last year, and a friend told me I should go through normal Ogun road, when I got to Agbara and saw the companies and all of the things around Agbara, Lusada axis, I started asking myself what are we doing to ourselves in this state. Either Federal or not, there are some signatory projects that you have to do so that every part of the state can fell involved. The only thing is that if God helps him and he could make a plane fly into Ogun state I will forgive him all his sins. I like him, he is my brother, he is not my enemy because I have a history with him, but if Governor Ibikunle makes it to let plane fly into Ogun, I will totally forgive him.

“Let’s be honest, we are very lucky in Ogun state, we are luckier than most states, because we always have reasonable good people. Osoba, Daniel and even Amosun were reasonably good, and I pray God should help us get another reasonable good person too.

On His Own Political Ambition

“Me as an individual, I’ve always been a man who doesn’t mind where the party is, who the candidate is and who is in government. But from my Federal Constituency where I come from, Abeokuta South Federal Constituency, I have been weird down of recent, just thinking about the federal representation we have been sending, and I have been asking why are we like this, because we call ourselves first among equal because we are premier local government and we are also the seat of government being the state capital.

“We see that the quality of our representation on the floor of the house should be improved and I believed that on the issues in Nigeria, I think that I would do far better than some of the previous people we’ve sent. My positions and opinions have been in public places for the past eighteen years, and I’ve never been out of public places.

“I’m always on Televisions; go to debates, opinions and defending issues. I feel that I may do well there if permitted. I have always observed that when you get to House of Reps or Senate, you’re among your equals. I want to beg my people to send me to go and stand for them there, because I will contribute more meaningfully far better than those we have been sending in the time past. I will represent better. I don’t believe that when you get to Federal House of Representative where I want to contest for in the next outing, I don’t believe that it is a play or joke but to work and deliver more than expected.

“If I will be sent there, I will like to do the scientific assessment of the needs of my people in my constituency so that when the opportunity of constituency project comes; I would just tell them these are what my people need. You cannot be giving me medicine for headache while what is wrong with me is stomach upset.

“I believed that we are in the era whereby we need to strengthen our institutions, and the best way for us to do that doing the legislature because of the power of cooperation, if we have articulate people, things would get better.”

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