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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Big Brother Naija: A Show Of Shame And Immortality - Yakubu

Despite the fact that millions of viewers who took the ongoing Big Brother Naija (BBN) show as entertainment without thinking of the opposite which can cause havoc to many teenagers, yet people never raised alarm of awareness to stop the show.

A young versatile Nigerian man, Yakubu Jimoh who is also a member of National Association Nigerian Bloggers (NANB) had come up with a writeup to tackle the sponsors of the show which started about 3years ago saying the show is a show of shame and immorality.

The writeup sent to TRENDINGMETRO read thus:

By Yakubu Jimoh

This article is to challenge and talk on how immolarity which should be a thing of shame has gained much stand in our present society.

Recently, there have been high clamour by Nigerian Youths on how they wants to regain power or become the leader of this country, But tell me the Youth who wants to become a leader that still promote and fancy immoralities, spend much of his/her time to promote it and watch it. Nigerian Youths has seriously lost the way, A youth that can use the same medium and way to bring a positive change to himself and the society via the medium, he is promoting Big Brother Naija (A Phonographic Show).

The same youths who doesn't want the old style of leadership to recycle, who wants to end cabalism and Godfather, It a thing of shame to our country on how it has becomed a thing of mockery to other nations, The Youths who are united in bringing a change to SARS operation in Nigeria.

In Islam and Christianity Immolarity is highly condemned, it a thing of shame on how it is being placed highly in our present society, You will give a whooping N25M and a brand new SUV to the most sexy and Spoilt Person. The sponsors should back this down,They are Promoting Immorality and Prostitution and other Unclean things.

Unashamed Youths too will start displaying there body which should be a private parts and property of their husband/wife. This thing is killing minds of young generation that's coming up, Everyone now has an access to internet, in many homes Children and Teenagers are watching it, and it is weakening the emotions and making them to do dirty things. Children that should be taught the way of the lord and many other useful thing.

Last year July, Something strange happened which I saw, The boy used to watch Big Brother Naija very well, This boy in order to please his sexual urge, had to go spy on Ladies whenever they are bathing, the boy has been doing it with others boys for months. This thing is promoting Filthiness of the mind by corrupting it spiritually and mentally, Those kind of boys can go extra mile to fufil the sexual urge.

I warn and will do many times this will not help the young minds and the youths who should use his precious time to study better things and this program should be used to change and create solutions to our society not to create problems, I will continue as from today to rant and write to stop this Immolarities called Entertainment in our society, If you have the same urge and zeal with me to bring a change and end to this.

1. You help by sharing it to many social media outlets and groups.
2. You publish story like this on your blogs.
3. You write to stop these as I am doing now.
4. Use this hashtag to create awareness #EndImmorality #EndBigBrotherNaija

This Picture below says it all, It was captured when a room mate named Princess was displaying her private all in the name to claim the prize. She is a whore. She should go to Brazil or countries where prostitution is legalized.

Thanks For Reading , Kindly Share If you to end this Immolarity Show.


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