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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kogi Youth Writes Open Letter to Gov. Bello over Water Scarcity in Ebiraland

This an open letter to Kogi State Governor, Yahya Bello, written by an indigine of Ebiraland which is in Kogi Central senatorial district over acute water scarcity... 

This appeal I am shooting out has been on my mind for days to write about, it could have been a bad thing, if I did not write this appeal, I want to draw the attention of His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello (Governor ,Kogi State) HRH Dr Ibrahim Ado (Ohinoyi of Ebiraland), Senator Ahmed Ogembe (Kogi Central), Barrister Ozigi Deedat (Commissioner For Water Resources), Adayi Engr. Abubakar and other Prominent Ebira Leaders I don't know their names or portfolios.

It is a great joy, being from Kogi Central, I want to draw the attention of our political leaders and other prominent leaders from Kogi Central, on how our people are suffering for water due to it's unavailability in the zone. It a bad thing for me. If all the communities in the region can't boast of 2-4 boreholes per community. The people are really suffering in terms of water. 

This water scarcity meanwhile, didn't start this year nor last 4 years. I think now that God has blessed us with the governor from our zone and how we have notable people, I don't expect the suffering to still be the same.

I will love to see this water scarcity reduced if not completely at least to a low level, though I still commend the leaders and other humanitarians who have contributed to the development and betterment of the communities.

Some Communities don't even have water to draw from their well, I believe with the improved electricity we have, The leaders can still do something to end this. We have young children and old women struggling for water instead of going for normal business.

I write this with a saddening soul, I don't intend to criticize the leaders but to bring it to their attention as a good Ebira citizen. I will be happy if after this plea a way to end this will be brought forward.  

I will be happy and feel honoured if I can be in any way to help the leaders in solving these problems.

Lastly I want to urge every Ebira sons and daughters who God has blessed to please try to do one humanitarian service to the communities.

Thank you, 
Yakubu Jimoh

Yakubu Jimoh is a young blogger and promoter agriculture. He can be reached on [email protected]

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