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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Practice Democracy, Not Imposition - Bamanga Tukur

The Ambassador-at-large for Nigeria, during the last administration and former National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. BAMANGA TUKUR reiterated that diaspora communities as enshrined in the Constitution, guaranteed all Nigerians can vote in Nigeria as long as they are registered with INEC in any parts of the country or at their polling poll centres, just as he praised them for their collective and individual dedication towards making Nigeria a greater nation through their skills and expertise. 

He said this when young and politically inclined Nigerians paid him a courtesy visit to interacts with him on politics and Africa’s entrepreneurial opportunities. 

The elder statesman and former Chairman of PDP stated “What goes around comes around. All parties must embrace democracy and discipline to survive in modern political environment. They must practice election and not selection; democracy not imposition”. 

Dr. Tukur further noted that the Constitution guarantees freedom of associations, which allowed people to pick where and with whom they associate with while calling all Nigerians to shun away with ethnicity, religion and region but capture the mantra of Yes to Nigeria and no to division.

Dr. Mary Manzo of YES Nigeria and an advocate added, “We are excited about the discussions and promised to play our part and must ensure that our electorates in Nigeria are enlightened and get educational information about their rights and voting power”. 

On the business front, Dr. Tukur who was the former President of ABR shared his experience from 1959 as a young Nigerian returning from the UK and American educational pursuits to join the national services through the marine industry. 

From Nigeria's ports through to joining politics as an independent candidate, forming his Bamanga Tukur Movement which later won election in Gongola State. He said entrepreneurs must be willing to take manageable risks in order to gain the profits. 

“Africa and Nigeria has tremendous opportunities for willing partners and they should take the bull of innovation by the horn of successes ahead. All around us especially outside our continent, it is the youthful minds that are changing the face of business, innovation and entrepreneurship", added Dr. Tukur

Responding, the Chairman of ISAC, Mr. Tunji Adebayo thanked the elder statesman for his dedication to Africa’s business especially during his Presidency at African Business Roundtable. “There is a part of all of us willing to participate in building a better nation as well as encouraging government to do what gives our SMEs and businesses the opportunity to challenge global players”. Those in the delegation and interaction included Councillor Sunny Lambe (an elected councillor in London), Dr. Mary Manzo of the YES Nigeria Movement, Legal practitioner, Charles Oguntoye and Alistair Soyode

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