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Friday, December 6, 2013

Ayo Odion is on the run as Police declare him wanted over an homosexual act

After been narrowly escaped lynched by an irate mob when caught in gay activities in Benin city, a situation which, is said to be an abomination in the land Mrs. Esther Igunbor, who is a neighbor to  'Ayo Odion' raised alarm which attracted residents when she caught the Odion, having anus sex with his fellow man Philip Ode, on December 5, 2013. 

Mrs. Igunbor explained the incident, she explained that her attention to Ayo Odion and Philip Ode's act was drawn when she heard strange screaming and she was curious to know what was going on. 

According to her, she discovered that the said Ayo Odion and his crime partner Philip Ode were there, having sex with themselves which she added, made her quickly raised her voice to alert the residents about the abominable act. 

Her continuous shouting drew the attention of the youth and the elders who ordered the youths to swing into action and apprehended them by beating them to stupor. 

Ayo Odion narrowly escaped before the arrival of the police, but luck, however, ran against his crime partner, Philip Ode, who was arrested and taken to the police custody before he was arraigned in court and jailed for 14 years. 

Ayo Odion has been banished from the city to escaped arrest and face the wrath of his misdeeds as the gay practice is sacrilegious in the Benin Kingdom. 

Mrs. Igunbor, while interviewed confirmed the incident. She said the elders, who bemoaned the practice had vowed to fight gay practice to a logical conclusion, saying the negative effect of the practice in the locality has been causing untimely death among children and youths, just as they had insisted to restore the dignity and enhance long life and prosperity to the people. 

She stressed the need to combat the act with a high level of resistance, adding that the arrest of Ayo Odion to face the music would address the trend. 

Edo State Police Command urged the residents to remain calm, avoid jungle justice to register their grievances and every report must be channeled to the police.

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