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Monday, January 30, 2012


Your skin is God given, you did not choose to be dark or light. God knows what is good for you and that is the reason you are given the complexion. You should appreciate your complexion and be happy.
Some people today especially in African associate a lighter complexion with prosperity and high fashion. As a result of this, they use different products to lighten their skin and never realize that they are doing it at a high coat to their health.

When you use skin lightening creams, you do a lot of damages to your skin. Probably you don’t know that most of the lightening creams contain hydroquinone a bleaching agent that suppresses the production of melanin, thus reducing your skin’s natural protection against damaging ultra violent radiation. When the hydroquinone penetrates the skin, it causes damage to connective tissue and also leads to premature aging and cancer of the skin.
Mercury is another chemical found in skin lightening cream and this is also toxic. When you continue to use cream that contain hydroquinone and mercury, be rest assured that rashes and blotches will be your reward. Also in case of a cut, the skin would be weakened to be stitched and what a great calamity. So, do away with toning or lightening cream they will only do more harm than good. Be contended with your natural skin colour

All the way to your SUCCESS

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