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Friday, March 4, 2011

Which Of These Four Reasons Are Keeping The Secret From Working For You

   The hit movie and book called "The Secret" promised to reveal the way to get what you want; be it health, wealth and or happy relationships. Many people watched it and resonated with it and then they tried to make it work just like the movie said. And then...

   A lot of people were disappointed when they thought they were practicing the Law of Attraction and they wound up getting something they did not want. A lot of folks decided 'The Secret' didn't work for them. Then a lot of the stars of the movie began to say and teach there was more to the secret than was stated in the movie. Things like you have to clear the blocks from your subconscious mind to really make the Law of Attraction work for you. Other teachers said," the one thing the book and the movie missed was taking action". One of the stars said take massive action. Another said to take inspired action but then talked about just taking action and did not explain what inspired action is. Some of the stars said both and they all started producing products to solve the problem of 'the secret' not working.

   While the products these folks produced can be helpful they are missing the three main reasons 'the secret' may not be working for you.

   The first reason is the law of attraction is not like a man made law. And since it is not a man made law it doesn't care whether you attempt to obey it or not. LOA doesn't even consider your feelings whatsoever in its application, it does not care if you get what you want or what you don't want. In the movie there was a part where LOA was represented as a genie that could grant you wish after wish. However, in the folklore surrounding genies, the genies interacted with you and sometimes you had to trick the genie into granting you your wish. The Law of Attraction does not work that way.

   The speed limit is a man made law and it can be broken and even if you get stopped for speeding often you can talk your way out of it. Since people are so used to breaking man made laws and getting away with it, they inadvertently apply the same reasoning to the Law of Attraction thinking it is something that can be reasoned with, as if LOA was concerned with what you want, as if the law of attraction cares one way or the other.

   The second reason 'the secret' may not work for you is LOA does not care one bit about what you want or don't want. It can't be persuaded. It is never broken. It is only demonstrated. Just like the law of gravity (even though it is a theory, we act as if it is a law). Gravity does not care whether or not you float off the planet. It simply does what it does and all we experience is the result of gravity. And by the way, when was the last time you used the law of gravity on purpose to do anything. In the same way we don't use the law of attraction, it does what it does and we experience the consequences just like with gravity. So in the same way all we experience is the results of the law of resonance or attraction.

   The Third reason 'the secret' may not work for you is it does not operate by the words you say or the commands you give as with a genie. The law of attraction does not work by words at all, it works by energy vibration. LOA does not bring you what you want or don't want, it brings you what you vibrate and what you vibrate is not always what you want. What many people do not know is that everything one says has two possible meanings (i.e. possible vibrations) 1) having what one wants 2) not having what one wants. Maybe a clarifying word, instead of attraction, resonance might get the point across better.

   And the number one reason 'the secret' may not work for you is because of the second forgotten fundamental of life and that is "Energy flows, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes." If your attention is on not having what you want, even though you are saying what you want, you will attract something you do not want. How do you know which you are vibrating? You know by the way it feels. If it feels good you are vibrating and attracting what you want, if you feel bad you are vibrating and attracting what you don't want.
By Houston Vetter
    All the way to your SUCCESS

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