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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doing The Right Thing

    Many people are doing the right thing, but not at the right time......

    Many people are working in the write position, but not at the right time....

    The reason is that these sets of people i'm talking about are those that are working just for fun but not for future, just for people to see them walking, but they never knew that one day they'll live the place and at the end ask them what have they gain in the area of their walking; they'll have nothing to show.

     I'll always says that "The pin (OPPORTUNITY) in your hand is most important to you, because when the pin fell and u start lookin for it, you may not be able to gat it back, but when you were given anothe pin you'll now see that it wount be as the one you've lost at the first instance.

    Whenever you are given an opportunity to do something please do it at the right time and gain what you want to gain once an leave the rest.

   Now what i want you to gain now is that you have to find time for yourselve to think for brigther purpose/future

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