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Friday, January 15, 2021

Kiss Daniel is my role model – C.O.B Johnny Nizzy

Fast rising talented hip-hop artist, Johnny Nizzy has said that he prefer to choose popular hip-hop artist, Kiss Daniel as his role model. The Abeokuta born artist said this in an interview with National Trumpet recently. Enjoy

Let us meet you.

My name is Obiwunmi Johnson, a native of Itoko area of Abeokuta in Ogun state. I went to primary and secondary schools, and I am still schooling as I am talking to you. I love music, it is what I have passion for. I have been singing right from my childhood days but I took it as career fully in year 2012 when I was in JSS1. Despite the fact that I am a chorister in my church, and there is no kind of music I cannot sing. Ever since I started fully, I have been progressing to the glory of God.

Did your parent give you support?

Of course, Yes! They are very supportive and despite the fact that my father is a pastor, he still gives me 100percent support with the kind of music I sing. I can even say all my family members like the way I sing and they are encouraging me to do better. Whenever I told them I am going to the studio, they encourage and pray for me.

What style of music do you sing?

I sing all styles of music, like hiphop, R&B, blues, Afro, Pop, only that I cannot rap.

Composing is all about inspiration, how do you get your inspiration?

You’re right, I get my inspiration in diverse ways, like while I am reading, praying, serving a siesta. Sometimes inspiration comes when I am in the bathroom. Before I started putting down those inspirations, I don’t take it serious, until my brother discovers my talent, he is the one that enlighten me and teach me more about composing.

Who is your role model?

Kiss Daniel is my role model, I like the way he sings, though I wish to be successful more than him. I have never come across him before and I believe one day, we are gonna perform together.

How many single have you released so far?

I have never release any singles, but I have featured in five singles, among them are Fantastic, Loyal, Hallelujah and Roll-Lamba. People like Bobby Jay, Bolezynoe, Harzan Pac and Olamickzy. I have my own which I am still working on, it is Somebody Great, it will be out soon.

Are you also looking forward to be sign into any record label?

Definitely, it will be an undiluted privilege to be sign into a record label like FLYBOY Record label owned by Kiss Daniel.

Where do you wish to see yourself in the next five years?

I want to be where God want me to be, because God is the designer of man’s destiny. I wish I could be a star and I am trying to make it happen by working harder.

Your message to you fans.

I want to appreciate them so far, I want them to keep supporting me, and I promise I will never disappoint them.

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