Tuesday, December 22, 2020


As the year gradually ends momentumly with the month of December already singing and activities beginning to pick up everywhere. Christmas, unmistakably the loudest and most celebrated feast in the world is around the corner again. And in a bid to begin 2021, however, Orinoco Nigeria which is a subsidiary of Orinoco Global Corps, a USA based E-commerce is on as they launched their platform into the Nigerian market called orinocofood.com.ng and orinoco.com.ng while Ghen Ghen is their on going promotion.
Orinoco platform is hereby huge, robust and set up to accomodate millions of customers in a multitasking way. Meanwhile the system is supported by customers and Merchant applications to compliment the platform with distribution centers and warehouses in China, Hongkong, USA, and Nigeria respectively. And the set up of the business in Nigeria started around December 2018 and they finally launched into the Nigeria market.

Orinoco Ghen ghen which is their on going Orinoco promotion, it's an E-commerce platform similar to Jumia and komga yakata. This on going promo is with 10% discount and many amazing freebies for customers. Give aways of free fuel, cash back up to N30,000 on free food, amazing discount on all items bought. Visit the website to enjoy the discount rate, https://orinoco.com.ng/all-promotions/  www.orinoco.food.com.ng or email shopping, email:[email protected]

Speaking further with Micheal, he emphasized that Orinoco Logistics is very effective and have the capacity to ship and deploy within seven days delivery service from distribution centers in overseas to Nigeria. In addition, the head of logistics Rakeeq Okoosi noted that Orinoco Nigeria is also launching Orinoco Food into the Nigeria market at the same time offering up to Naira 30,000 in free coupons for customers to purchase food the company and from other merchants registered with Orinoco Nigeria, and Orinoco Foods.

Orinocofood.com.ng and Orinoco.com.ng are registering Merchants and vendors in their platform for free until end of January 2021. Orinoco Food is also encouraging restaurants, farmers to register. "We are giving farmers and producers of food, farmers association, etc to register with Orinocofood. The platform will give farmers in rural areas all over Nigeria the voice and avenue to move their products accross the country, using orinoco robust distribution networks accross the country." Michael said.

According to Rakeeq, Orinoco the registering of merchants and vendors to the platform will be made free, also to encourage restaurants, merchants, vendors and farmers to sell their agricultural product, farm inputs, food producers and farmers association to register with Orinoco Nigeria.

The chairman representing Orinoco, Micheal okay enjoins all Nigerians such as farmers in rural areas, merchants, food producers, farmers association and all other businesses across the country to move and market their goods and services using Orinoco robust distribution networks.

 Orinoco food has so much benefit attached as customers will enjoy when they search locations where it will be delivered or pick up. Just because Orinoco is in designated places, customers need to choose a restaurant by browsing restaurant that delivers or pick up near you.
Buyers can either pay online or make payment when food is delivered(POD), and your order will be deliver to you in no time(Doorstep delivery).

 Orinoco food has different kind of meals which are African food, Nigerian food, Pasta, Salads, Seafood, American food, Chinese, etc. Orinoco products is one of the best E-commerce platform.

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